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Breathe Easy – how to breathe

Breathing Practices Breath Awareness Practice Create a quiet place where you can get comfortable Create a space in time – a few minutes will do – for you to be in your quiet place. Lie down comfortably on your back. Place both feet on the ground – so that your knees are bent and raised […]

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Don’t Hold Your Breath!!

Are you breathing the breath of life or just gasping? We often take the process of breathing for granted. After all, we don’t have to think about it. It just happens, naturally. However, good breathing can help us into good health. We only move a small percentage of the air with each breath, compared to […]

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Just Breathe

Sanskrit – Pranayama Meaning: Prana, life force Yama, control Yoga looks upon breathing as a means of taking in the universal life-force energy which is called Prana. As we breathe we take in Prana. It is stored, circulated and promotes the health and vitality of the body. We only use about 1/5th of our lung […]

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Easter Holidays

February 13, 2015February 13, 2015
We will be closed for Easter from 6th April to 10th April then all classes running as normal from Monday 13th. Wishing you a very Happy Easter full of peace, joy & chocolate x

Inner Place New Website

February 3, 2015February 3, 2015
new website Inner Place Yoga MalvernIt's true! The Inner Place have a new website. Honestly though, if you are reading this then you already know. Over the coming few weeks, we will be integrating a Twitter feed & Facebook page, to keep in touch with all of our lovely Yoga students.