Kundalini Workshop

Strengthen Your Inner Voice

Kundalini Yoga Workshop to Strengthen Your Inner Voice.

This workshop works on the glandular and nervous system to rebalance the instinctual self, first clearing anger, residue, then working the lower triangle ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra) the place where imbalance expresses and represents, perhaps in self destructive behaviours.

Working to balance these, we begin to alter old patterns and, along with simple meditation, effect wholistic change in behaviour.

This workshop is an invitation to hear yourself safely and begin re-alignment – a workshop to support your authentic self.

‘Vibrate the cosmos, the cosmos shall clear the path’
Yogi Bhajan

Anna has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2016 to NHS staff, schools as well as general classes. Yoga is an experience beyond words..

Anna is a qualified Artist, Nursery Nurse and Breathwalk instructor. She understands the pressures of busy lives with multiple roles in an Aquarian age and serves to bring yoga to unite the self, energise the self, elevate the self, breathe the self.
‘Vibrate the cosmos, the cosmos shall clear the path’ Yogi Bhajan.

Any enquiries or to book, please contact Anna directly on : 07763 274 256
or email: breathwalkherefordshire@gmail.com


May 29th 2021 10am – 12.30pm

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