Little Rabbit Starts Yoga

Many thanks to Charlotte from Cottontails baby for kindly writing this blog. Please do take a look at the cottontails baby website by clicking here –  for some beautiful gifts for little ones. And if you maybe want to your own rabbit yoga class, all yogi bunnies, plus yoga mats and clothes are available on the website here: Maileg yoga bunnies and clothes. 

Little Rabbit has spotted a poster…”Stretch your body and ears”, “Relaxation techniques” Hmm, she thinks a new yoga class. this sounds good and books herself a place on the class.

sign1On the day of the class the bunnies begin to assemble. Everyone chooses a mat and some bunnies even have special yoga clothes. Little Rabbit arrives with and says hello to the other yogi bunnies.

arrivingBefore the class begins, the teacher bunny explains that the key to a successful yoga practice is in the breathing. She encourages the bunnies to breathe slowly and gently through their noses – and to keep nose twitching to a minimum throughout the practice.
She also assures the bunnies that they will not be practicing Cat Posture, as this has been known to send all but the most experienced yogi bunnies into a bit of a panic!

meditation (1)The bunnies practice some gentle stretching to warm up their muscles.

warming-upAnd Trikonasana, or Triangle, is no problem for such tall dangly rabbits.

trikonasanaThen into Paschimottanasana or forward fold. The bunnies practice feeling their breath move up and down their spine.

paschimottanasana1And finally a lovely back bend – Camel Pose is ideal for bunnies who spend their days hunched over their hay and carrots.
“Draw up your pelvic floor and engage your abdominal muscles, bunnies!”

camelWith the more strenuous part of the class over, the bunnies stretch out into into Savasana for a guided relaxation and some of them even fall fast asleep.

savasanaAnd finally the teacher settles them into a comfortable seated position before leading a few rounds of Pranayama or breathing – to balance their energies.

dandasanaLittle Rabbit enjoyed her first yoga class very much. She has made some new friends, is lovely and stretched, and feels more peaceful and relaxed than she has in a long time. She will certainly be coming  back next week for more!


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