Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at The Inner Place

Jean-Danford-Yoga-Class The Yoga classes at The Inner place Yoga Studio are suitable for all ages and abilities.

We offer regular Yoga classes during the daytime, the evening and at weekends. We also teach one to one Yoga and often run more specialised classes and workshops, such as Restorative Yoga and Yoga for  health and weight loss.

In Yoga, we work to develop awareness of our limitations and anyone can practice Yoga regardless of flexibility, age or size; no-one is too stiff, old or big. If you have a bad back, dodgy knees, or anything else, there is a Yoga class for you at The Inner Place.

The benefits of Yoga are numerous. On a physical level Yoga will improve strength, flexibility and balance, making you fitter, healthier and less prone to accidents and falls. On a mental level Yoga will bring you a sense of peace and well being, reducing stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

When are the Classes?

Monday6.00 – 7.30pmJean Danford
7.35 – 9.00pmCarolyn Daniel
Tuesday9.30 - 11.00amAlison Skinner
1.00 – 2.30pmCarolyn Daniel
6.30 - 8.00pmCharlotte Evans
Wednesday9.30 – 11.00amJo Harper
11.15 – 12.30pmJo Harper
6.00 – 7.30pmCarolyn Daniel
Thursday1.30 – 3.00pmSally Howarth
7.30 – 9.00pmJane Adams (Iyengar)
Friday9.30 - 11.00amAlison Skinner (Freedom Friday)

What to Wear

There is no set uniform for practising Yoga. Wear clothing you feel comfortable in that allows you to easily bend and twist.  Yoga is practised in bare feet, for traction and stability but you may want to wear some comfy socks while you warm up. Basically anything goes 😉 The Yoga studio has facilities for changing so if you’re coming straight from work, no worries.

What to Bring

Just yourself. The Inner Place is fully equipped with everything you need to practice Yoga – mats, prop and blankets so you don’t need to bring anything. Just a smile.

What will I do?

Yoga classes at The Inner Place last a full hour and a half and typically start by warming up with some gentle stretches. This is followed by series of physical postures (asana) that are coordinated with full breathing and a mental focus on the present moment. Finally the class ends with a deep relaxation (known in Yogic terminology as Pratyhara) under a cosy blanket and, for many of our clients, a quick zizz. Remember Yoga is a lifelong practice of progressive change and there’s no need to do it all on the first try. There are many modifications available for the physical poses to make them more or less challenging depending on your needs. It is not a competition with others or yourself.

What does it cost?

Class fees are £42.50 for a block of five classes. We offer a ‘catch up’ scheme whereby, if you miss a class, you can attend any other class, within one month. We do have a number of drop in places and these are reserved for people who cannot guarantee to attend a regular class, due to working shifts or irregular hours.

So please leave behind your worries, gossip, judgement, frustration, cares, anxiety and apprehension. Take your practice seriously, but yourself lightly and come and join in a joyful Yoga session at The Inner Place Yoga studio.


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Easter Holidays

February 13, 2015February 13, 2015
We will be closed for Easter from 6th April to 10th April then all classes running as normal from Monday 13th. Wishing you a very Happy Easter full of peace, joy & chocolate x

Inner Place New Website

February 3, 2015February 3, 2015
new website Inner Place Yoga MalvernIt's true! The Inner Place have a new website. Honestly though, if you are reading this then you already know. Over the coming few weeks, we will be integrating a Twitter feed & Facebook page, to keep in touch with all of our lovely Yoga students.