Healing Therapies at The Inner Place

Healing & Reiki

Healing is a way of repairing and restoring the body’s energy flow so that the experience of disease and discomfort may disappear as the body begins its own healing process.

A healing treatment includes an assessment of your energy states and time for you to review your present circumstances and how they relate to your health on all levels.

Healing energy is then given to clear and balance the system, promoting gradual changes to physical, mental, emotional health and well being. According to your physical needs, you can lie or sit.   People find healing a deeply relaxing  experience, and sometimes go to sleep!

Healing  brings you into a sense of wholeness, balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life, helping you  to understand what is happening to you and how that might affect your energy.  You will be advised on any supportive measures, such as visualisation, meditation or affirmations  which can assist the healing process.

When Healing is helpful

Healing provides a support in many different life  and health situations and is a truly complementary therapy in that it  supports the efficacy of other types of  treatment both orthodox and alternative.

For more information, or to book a treatment please call Jean Danford on 01531 640067 or 07977 901918.

Colour Therapy

If you want some advice on how colour can enhance your health, energy, relationships, moods, lifestyle…If you feel well and yet there’s something missing…If you want to discover the power of colour  and its effect at a deep cellular level…

There are three ways in which Colour Therapy can help.

Colour Reading : Using colour cards of my own creation , a reading can give you clarity and insight into your life – relationships, health, life path and energy flow.

Colour Consultation: A consultation will give you insights, a new understanding, tools for making changes in your life. This will enable you to feel enthusiastic and alive with new possibilities.

Colour Healing: Colour healing using imaging, colour puncture and energy healing, will act upon the energy systems [meridians and aura] healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will come away feeling relaxed, clear and energised.

For more information, or to book a treatment please call Jean Danford on 01531 640067 or 07977 901918.

Yoga Classes

We offer regular Yoga classes during the daytime, the evening and at weekends. We also teach one to one Yoga and often run more specialised classes and workshops.

Pilates Classes

Pilates targets the deep postural core muscles, building strength from the inside out, re-balancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment.

Treatments & Therapies

We have a small, private treatment room within the Inner Place Yoga Studio where we provide a number of Healing therapies and treatments.